National Gypsum Company was originally founded in 1925 and has invested over a billion dollars in the Company in order to create the industry leader in service, quality, and innovation.  We at Swanson Building Materials are proud to have National Gypsum Company as a business partner and have found that the level satisfaction expressed by our customers has prompted us to persue and expand that relationshiop in recent years.  

XP Gypsum Board

As many of you know, the "waterboard" or "greenboard" that has been used for so many years in bathrooms and high moisture applications is no longer accepted by building inspectors in the Intermountain Area as meeting code.  To correct this deficiency, National Gypsum had enabled us to provide you with their XP mold resistant gypsum board.  While not apropriate as a "tile backer", National Gypsum's XP Board offers an economical option for high moisture and bathroom applicatons that is superior to thsy offered byt he old green board or water board of the past.  

If you would like more information, an MSDS, or an ES Report on XP Board, please vist National Gypsum's web site HERE.